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Geoprobe Services:
Soil Sampling
MC-5 open tube sampling
DT-22 discreet interval sampling
1.25" rods
1.5" rods
2.25" rods
3.25" rods
3.75" rods
4 1/4" hollow stem augers
3" solid stem augers
Groundwater Sampling
0.5"-2.0" PVC temporary well installation
0.5"-2.0" Pre-pack screen well installation
Flush and Stick-up protective well cover installation
Soil Gas/Vapor Sampling
0.5"-1.0" PVC "dry wells"
Stainless steel gas/vapor sampling points
Other Services:
Air Excavation
Underground Utility Locating
Hydro Excavating
Environmental project oversight
Subcontractor oversight for Hollow Stem Auger and Air Rotary Drilling
General contractor for your environmental project
General labor
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