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Vermeer Vactron Air555SDT

The low-profile series of vacuum excavation equipment offers two different tank capacities including a 500 and 800 gal (1892.7 and 3028.3 L) option.

Designed for removal of a variety of wet and dry materials, applications include:
• Storm drain cleanout • Mud removal • Locate underground utilities • Manhole cleanout • Cleanup at treatment plants • Meter box cleaning • Vacuuming out retention ponds • Saw mill cleanup • Clean out of lateral line • Emergency road spills • Excavation of small rocks • Excavation of dry sand.

The low-profile units come equipped with a hydraulic rear door, which opens fully so the operator can completely empty the contents. For operator safety, the door is controlled by push buttons located on the side of the unit. Standard features on the low-profile vacs include a reverse pressure system, .5 micron filtration and a heavy-duty trailer with torsion axles. The unit is also available with an optional boom or air compressor, and is trailer-mounted for mobility on the jobsite


Air555SDT Features:

• Lockable curbside remote controls
• Hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinders with remote controls to raise tank 60 degrees
• Suction hose storage on rear door of debris tank [33' (10.1 m)]
• 6" (15.2 cm) stainless steel portal shutoff in top of vacuum tank
• 15 gal (56.8 L) fuel tank
• 6" (15.2 cm) amber strobe with two adjustable halogen work lights
• (2) DOT safety cones • Battery with nationwide warranty

Engine Enclosure
• Fully enclosed and insulated to reduce noise and vibration using 2/3 open-cell attenuation material
• Both sides of engine enclosure open on hinges for ease of maintenance and service
• All service points for engine are accessible from curbside
• Silencer for vacuum pump mounted below the enclosure and not to exceed 80 dBA at full performance
• High-pressure water pump and vacuum pump mounted inside engine enclosure

• Bag House (Big Red) – with 100 sq. ft. (30.5 sq. m) filtration media, combined with 60 gal (227.1 L) water trap
• Filtration cylinders are washable and removable
• WET or DRY industrial filters rated at 5:1 air cloth ratio and grain loading of 30-g/acf using 0.5-micron silica dust emissions of .0060 g/acf Water
• 3500 psi (241.3 bar) at 4 gpm (15.1 L/min) water pump powered by same engine water pump
• Electric clutch with on/off control and low-water automatic shutdown
• 200 gal (757.1 L) total water capacity [2 poly water tanks 100 gal (378.5 L) each, plumbed to high-pressure pump]
• 50' (15.2 m) of high-pressure hose
• Self-retracting hose reel
• 5' (1.5 m) roto wand and control handle
• 3' (.9 m) variable nozzle wand for cleanup
• 8 gal (30.3 L) semi-automatic antifreeze system
• LP Heavy - optional/upgraded water package - 300 gal (1135.6 L) total water, heavier axles, heavier tires and rims
• LP Lite - optional 9995 lb (4533.7 kg) GVWR (CDL) 100 gal (378.5 L) total water, 400 gal (1514.2 L) debris load

Control Panel
• Waterproof and lockable
• Integrated into the engine stand (curbside for easy operation)
• Vacuum pressure gauge
• Key switch
• Electronic throttle switch
• Water pump switch
• Lights and DOT strobe controls
• Volt meter
• Hour meter
• Breakers for water pump and electronic throttle
• Oil pressure gauge
• Water temperature gauge
• Fuel gauge

• Full-open rear door
• Hydraulically opened rear door with push-button controls
• UHMW polymer tank liner on bottom of debris tank
• 6" (15.2 cm) brass rear discharge valve with dust cap
• Large 6" (15.2 cm) stainless steel portal shutoff (stops vacuum when debris tank is full)
• Twin hydraulic cylinders for dumping

• Dual “DEXTER” torsion axles rated at 6000 lb (2721.6 kg) each on LP555 and 7000 lb (3175.1 kg) on LP855
• GVWR at 12,000 lb (5443.1 kg) on LP555 and 14,000 lb (6350.3 kg) GVWR on LP855
• 10,000 lb (4535.9 kg) jack stand with spring-loaded foot
• I-beam constructed heavy-duty trailer
• Pintle hitch
• Electric brakes on both axles, with safety breakaway
• 4 - LT235/75R16 tires with 8 lug wheels (555); 4 - LT235/85R16 tires with 8 lug wheels (855)
• LP855 Heavy - 19,000

Geoprobe® Model 540UD
Complete with the ruggedness and power of standard Geoprobe® direct push machines but transferable from one carrier to another, the Geoprobe® Model 540UD is a hydraulically powered soil probing unit equipped with a 10-gallon (38 liter) diesel tank, 14-gallon (53 liter) hydraulic oil reservoir, and integral hydraulic oil cooler. It requires no auxiliary power during probing operations. This compact unit allows for shipment across the country or overseas. You can expect quiet operation from the powerful 20-Hp, water-cooled, V-twin engine. It also features hydraulic lateral swing for easy placement of the probe over the work area.

Model 540UD Features:

•Supplies 25,000-pounds (111kN) pull.
•54-inch (1372 mm) stroke.
•Equipped with GH-40 Soil Probing Hammer.
•10 gallon (38 liters) fuel capacity for a full day of operation under normal conditions.
•Compact size requires minimal storage space.
•Self-loading and unloading from carrier vehicle using detachable legs.
•Hydraulic lateral movement for easy offset placement of probe.
•Bolts down to carrier vehicle with only four bolts.
•Hydraulic tilt for angle probing.
•Does not require full-time dedication of a carrier vehicle.
•Powered by a 20-Hp, water-cooled, Kawasaki industrial engine.

Geoprobe® Model 54LT
The Geoprobe® Model 54LT direct push machine is a rugged, compact probing unit designed for tight spaces and rough terrain. This unit is narrow enough to fit through standard 36-in. doors to get to confined, enclosed places a vehicle-mounted unit can't get to.

Model 54LT Features:

•Supplies 25,000 pounds (111kN) of pull
•Hydraulic lateral swing for easy offset placement of probe
•Rod Grip Pull Block. . .standard equipment
•Two-speed pull cylinder. . .standard equipment
•Probe cylinder speed control valve for easy and accurate CPT testing
•Wire remote for ease of maneuverability
•Compact size allows entry through standard 36-in. door
•Emergency stop systems for safety of operation
•Auxiliary hydraulic ports provide power supply for remote equipment
•Rear outriggers for stability
•Fuel capacity for a full day of operation under normal conditions
•Powered by 22 Hp, liquid-cooled Kubota industrial engine
•Compatible with most Geoprobe® Tooling and Logging Equipment

Geoprobe® Model 420M  
This powerful little machine was designed specifically to be durable yet as lightweight aspossible. At 20 in. wide, 62 in. tall (folded), and weighing less than 400 lb., the 420M can be manually lifted and carried to remote sampling locations. It can also be deployed to hard-to-reach and narrow sampling locations. The 420M is powered by a remote hydraulic power source (sold separately) which easily attaches to the machine or by using the auxiliary hydraulics from other Geoprobe® machines.

Model 420M Features:

•42 in. (1067 mm) stroke
•14,000 lb. (62.3 kN) pulling capacity
•Equipped with reliable GH42 Soil Probing Hammer
•Stabilization outriggers ... standard equipment.
•Performs same operations as larger probes including concrete drilling, soil and groundwater sampling, and conductivity logging
•Weighs less than 411 lb. (186 kg)
•Easily attaches to remote power unit by way of hydraulic lines with quick connects
•Removable outriggers enhance stability while probing
•Powered by a PortaCo® Hydraulic Power Unit
•Compatible with most Geoprobe® Tooling and Logging Equipment

Geoprobe® Model 6712DT  
Compact and Modular Design
The 6712DT combines the strengths of the 6610DT (such as its Size and Cost Effectiveness) with creature comforts previously only seen in larger machines. It breaks into 3 separate components for easy travel overseas, it is Heli-Portable, and is a snap to put back together again.

Easy to Use - Easy to Maintain
The user-friendly control panel is streamlined and completely hydraulic. The location of the hydraulics makes this machine service-friendly. With rugged construction as well as fewer and simpler components this machine is ready to be your next workhorse for small-medium direct push projects!

Tooling & Accessories
The 6712DT Runs the GH63 Hammer with Single Speed Bi-directional Rotation as well as an Optional GA2500 Two Speed Auger System. The 6712DT can run the following Geoprobe® Tooling Systems:

Model 6712DT Features:

•Modular Machine Design
Can be assembled and Disassembled in three parts (weight includes GA2500 & Mast & Winch assembly)
- Undercarriage 2,000 lb.
- Unit Platform 2,120 lb.
- Drill Mast 2,360 lb.

•Heavy Duty Track Drive System
•GH63 Hammer w/ Single Speed Bi-directional Rotation
•Simple Control Panel Design
•Optional GA2500 Two Speed Auger System
•Optional Mast & Winch System
•Rear Blade Assembly for Tooling Transport and machine stabilization
•Better access to key components for serviceability and maintenance

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